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Do You Know Where Your Assets Are Going? by Lesly Longa Vaillancourt

Do You Know Where Your Assets Are Going? by Lesly Longa Vaillancourt

My job as an estate planning attorney is to find the simplest way to transfer a client’s’ assets at death.  Many times, that depends on the nature of the asset and the circumstances of the particular client and beneficiaries.  As part of the estate planning process with Longa Law, I will discuss with you who or Read More

Welcome to Your Digital Afterlife: Estate and Tax Planning for Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs

Original Article Published in GPSOLO, Volume 39, Number 6, NOV/DEC 2022 © 2022 by the American Bar Association Click HERE for Mobile Version

Do You Have Questions About Probate in Florida?

For six years I served on the Florida Bar’s Consumer Protection Law Committee, and I was also the Chair (2015-2016), but for several years I also worked on the consumer pamphlets offered on the FL Bar’s website and written by its member-attorneys.  These pamphlets are a great resource to Floridians, especially those going through difficult Read More

How Much Does Probate Really Cost?

Many people choose to use a revocable living trust as a mechanism to avoid probate.  As I describe it, a revocable living trust is like a treasure chest because you can put your treasures in it while you are alive and still maintain complete control. The trust also avoids probate for heirs if it’s been Read More