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Online Mediation

Online mediation is easy and cost-effective. You will save the time and money you would have spent traveling to a location because you aren’t meeting with the other party face-to-face.  I charge $250 per hour for all virtual mediations (online or by telephone) that can be conducted from the comfort of your own home or your lawyer’s office.  The parties do not even have to have attorneys to participate, making it even more cost-effective.

In any mediation, whether in-person or online, the parties can talk to each other, see each other, share documents, and even meet separately with the mediator (caucus) without the other party seeing or hearing what is said.

Online Mediation is Empowering and Results-Oriented

Mediation empowers the parties to decide for themselves how to resolve their dispute fairly.  If you reach an agreement, then it is written into a contract or settlement agreement.  As a professional mediator, I am a neutral third party that does not take sides. Online mediations with me can be just as effective as in-person mediations, if not more so.  Especially in divorces, sometimes the mediation process is less effective because of emotions.  It is easier to keep emotions in-check with online mediation because the parties do not have to see each other in person or share a physical space.

What Types of Cases Can Be Mediated Online?

I offer online mediations of family and civil disputes, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Family disputes
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Trusts & estates disputes
  • Homeowners Association (“HOA”) disputes

What do I need to participate in Online Mediation?

Each party needs to have a computer with an internet connection and webcam. Every participant in the mediation must have a quiet place where they can speak confidentially.  In order to ensure that the mediation remains confidential, no one other than the parties (and their counsel, if any) are allowed to be in the room during a mediation, and no one is allowed to record the mediation.

How Much Does Online Mediation Cost?

I charge $250 per hour for online mediations and have a 2-hour minimum for all mediations. I also offer mediations via telephone.

Each party is expected to split the mediation fees evenly, unless they agree otherwise.  Payment can be made online with most major credit cards. Once you book a time, you will receive a mediator agreement to be signed by all parties.

Mediator Qualifications

I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator (34816 F). I have also completed the extensive 40-hour Circuit Court Civil Mediation Training, observed the top mediation professionals in the area, and I have participated in over 60 civil mediations in a variety of areas ranging from Personal Injury to Contracts to HOA disputes, since 2006.