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There are times when conflicts arise.  Before a conflict reaches the point that the only solution involves the court, each side may want to find a dignified and peaceful solution that takes into consideration the needs of their loved ones – whether those loved ones are children, an elderly parent, or the family pets.  In those cases, the best way to resolve the conflict is with the help of a trained and skilled professional – a mediator.  Mediation of family disputes can help families find creative ways to work through complex and emotional issues. Mediation is much less expensive and time consuming than litigation in court.

As a mediator, I remain neutral I empower all of the parties to help them reach the height of fairness.  

I mediate disputes related to:

  •    Divorce – with or without attorneys – and Marital Settlement Agreements
  •    Parenting Plan Agreements
  •    Modification of Marital Agreements
  •    Elder Mediation: conflicts between adult child and elder parent 
  •    Shared Family Decision Making

I offer a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and provide personalized service with the understanding that every case is different.  I draw on my skill and experience to help you resolve your legal problem quickly and focus on a successful result.  All mediation services are available in-person, online or by telephone.   I have meeting offices in Ybor City, as well as Bay 3 Armature Works in Tampa Heights, and St. Petersburg, FL.  I offer a flat fee for complete divorce packages (pro-se, without attorneys) and charge between $150 – $230 per hour for all other mediations, depending on the income of the parties.


  1. Settle family disputes privately and get divorced faster
  2. Reduce legal fees and eliminate the emotional burden of a court battle
  3. Decide for yourself what is best for you and your family instead of leaving it up to a Judge who does not know you

As a family mediator, I can help you draft a divorce agreement (marital settlement agreement) and a parenting plan and child support worksheet. I can also prepare all required court documents, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Divorce can be faster and less expensive with a mediator. I offer flat fees for divorcing couples  without attorneys that include the preparation of all of the documents that need to be filed in court.