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Tampa International Estate Planning Attorney

Longa Law helps clients with estate planning issues facing foreign nationals, non-US residents who own Florida property, and the process of leaving assets to someone in another country.  Longa Law also assists clients with administrations in other countries to the extent that may be necessary by partnering with foreign counsel in that country to navigate the probate or trust administration.

What is International Estate Planning?

International estate planning is the process of creating a testamentary plan that considers the preservation, management and distribution of foreign assets or domestic assets to be left to non-U.S. Citizens or residents.  When non-U.S. Citizens or residents inherit U.S. property, there are certain legal and tax implications that must be considered.  A good international estate plan will consider specific legal strategies, transfer tax rules, and treaties.

Attorney Lesly Longa Vaillancourt is experienced in handling international estate planning matters and earned a Certificate in International Law from Boston University (2004).  She regularly advises U.S. clients with foreign interests on a wide range of complex global inheritance and estate planning matters.  Many of our clients are dual citizens, have family members that reside abroad, or have a spouse or partner that is a non-U.S. citizen.  All the staff at Longa Law understand these cross-border issues personally.  Before attending law school, Attorney Vaillancourt spent two years as a Paralegal, managing Hague Convention certifications and Apostille requests for foreign filings worldwide, as well as obtaining certification of international documents for use in the United States.  Attorney Vaillancourt was also an intern at the U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, and speaks Spanish fluently.  To schedule a new client intake, please contact us.