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Araxtha Sanchez

Araxtha (“Arax”) Sanchez, a native of Roatan, Honduras, is a lawyer licensed to practice law in Costa Rica and Honduras. She earned a Bachelor of Law degree from the Latin University of Costa Rica and a Master in Business Administration degree with an emphasis on general management from Fidelitas University of Costa Rica. At Longa Law, Araxtha oversees formal probate administrations, business organizations, and client communications. She enjoys helping Longa Law’s clients plan ahead for whatever the future may bring and is motivated by a deep-seated passion for advocating for justice and positively impacting society. Araxtha lived abroad for six years in Costa Rica and is a native Spanish speaker. In her free time, she enjoys taking walks, listening to music, and giving pro bono assistance to businesses on the island of Roatan, as well as other worthy causes.