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Power-of-attorney has the power to be abused in Florida

A broad power of attorney is one of the most dangerous documents a person can sign. Here’s a cautionary tale of elder exploitation written by Kathryn Varn for the Tampa Bay Times. The lesson to be learned: have an estate planning lawyer draft a narrow power of attorney for you and discuss with your attorney who might Read More

SECURE Act New IRA Rules: Change Your Estate Plan – Forbes

It’s time to update your will or trust, if your estate includes IRAs and certain retirement benefits! The new SECURE Act and its IRA rule changes may make your current will or trust designations invalid or obsolete.  This article from Forbes sheds some light on the new law:

What Happens to Your Website and Other Digital Assets When You Die?

This is an important question tackled by Lifehacker contributor Michael Franco in the linked article below. I ensure that every will and estate plan I create covers all of your digital assets, not just domains.  If you have questions about how to pass on your digital rights, call me or send me an email. What Happens Read More

Avoiding Probate Through Joint Ownership and the Exemption on Deeds Between Spouses

One way to avoid probate is through certain types of joint ownership or joint tenancy.  When a married couple buys a property, they own it as a tenancy by the entirety, and the property will automatically pass to the surviving spouse without probate.  Florida law was updated last year to allow for the exemption of Read More

FACE YOUR FEARS: Check Create Estate Plan Off of Your Year-End To-Do List

Last Friday, I helped one of my good friends complete her and her husband’s estate plan, and they finally signed the finished documents on a beautiful afternoon at her condo on the ocean.  The process was difficult for her.  Not because she had much to do; I did the hard work for her. But she Read More

ÂżRealmente Necesita un Abogado para Escribir un Testamento?

Puede elegir de muchos servicios en línea o “kits” de formularios de Testamento o Fideicomiso (fondo fiduciario) que son mucho menos costosos que un abogado. Entonces, ¿vale la pena pagarle a un abogado para escribir su testamento? Bueno, un abogado puede ser menos costoso al final. ¿Te quitas los dientes tu mismo o visitas a Read More

Online DIY Wills & Trusts: Do you need an attorney to write a Will or Trust?

You can choose from many “do-it-yourself” Last Will and Testament or Trust form kits or online services that are far less expensive than an attorney. So, is it worth the money to pay an attorney to write your will for you? Well, an attorney may be less expensive in the end. Do you remove your Read More

Personal Representative v. Power of Attorney

One of the most common questions I get when I deliver presentations is: What is the difference between a personal representative and a power of attorney? A personal representative is the person appointed by the Judge who has the legal duty to administer the probate estate of the deceased person. If the deceased person (decedent) Read More

Flamenco Dancing

This article, Flamenco Dancing by Lesly Vaillancourt, was originally published as part of a series on Integrating Self-Care Practices into Daily Life in the American Bar Association’s GPSolo magazine June 2019 issue on Mindfulness and Lawyer Well-Being. I wasn’t always a flamenco dancer. Eleven years ago, I quit my job in Washington, D.C. and moved Read More

Advice for New Moms and Dads: What to Consider When Choosing a Guardian for Your Baby

When choosing a guardian for your child, consider important issues such as: Is the proposed guardian willing and able to serve? Does the proposed guardian share a similar child-rearing philosophy? What are the proposed guardian’s religious, educational, social or moral views? How old are they?  Grandparents may not always be the best choice, so think Read More