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Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco Dancing

This article, Flamenco Dancing by Lesly Vaillancourt, was originally published as part of a series on Integrating Self-Care Practices into Daily Life in the American Bar Association’s GPSolo magazine June 2019 issue on Mindfulness and Lawyer Well-Being. I wasn’t always a flamenco dancer. Eleven years ago, I quit my job in Washington, D.C. and moved Read More

Advice for New Moms and Dads: What to Consider When Choosing a Guardian for Your Baby

When choosing a guardian for your child, consider important issues such as: Is the proposed guardian willing and able to serve? Does the proposed guardian share a similar child-rearing philosophy? What are the proposed guardian’s religious, educational, social or moral views? How old are they?  Grandparents may not always be the best choice, so think Read More

Top 6 Reasons to Make a Trust

A Trust is an arrangement or agreement that allows a third party to hold and manage assets for a beneficiary or beneficiaries.  A Trust allows you to bring all of your assets under one document and avoid interference by the courts. In Florida, the revocable, or “living,” trust is governed by Chapter 736, Florida Statutes. The revocable trust has Read More