General Help

I offer general legal assistance by providing legal advice phone calls and consultations, legal document review, and court coaching for specific cases.

  • Legal advice phone calls are available on the following areas: divorce, debt settlement, consumer rights, foreclosure avoidance, estate planning, contract law, association law, landlord-tenant law, and real estate law.  The cost for all legal advice phone calls is $200 per hour.
  • Short sale consultations are available for a flat fee. Please feel free to contact me before you hire a short sale negotiator or lock yourself into an agreement where you will owe the lender for any deficiency (the difference between what the property sells for and what you owe on the mortgage).
  • Legal document review of legal documents and contracts, such as employment agreements, personal service agreements, leases, complaints, and other documents.
  • Flat fee for drafting contracts and agreements, depending on complexity of the agreement needed.
  • Court coaching and pleadings guidance is available for family law or divorce cases only at the rate of $250 per hour in office or by phone.


What’s included in a free consultation?

I offer a free telephone consultation of 15 minutes for all new clients. During this free consultation, I will listen to your issues, let you know if I can help you, and then tell you how much my services will cost. I will not provide any legal advice during a free phone consultation because I can only provide legal advice to clients. Clients rely on me, as their attorney or mediator,, to provide them with my knowledge and expertise on a matter and that creates certain responsibilities and rights. If you need a trusted advisor, you will always know that I will provide you with my best abilities and skills, based on my education, experience and knowledge, and if I cannot help you with your legal matter, then I will charge you nothing and refer you to someone who can, if possible.

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