Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

  • Foreclosure Defense

Longa Law has experience helping borrowers to explore foreclosure avoidance options and aggressively defend lawsuits. We provide flexible payment plans to help make our attorney services affordable for clients facing tough times. If we choose to represent you, we will assert every legal defense available to you. Whenever possible, we will work with your lender to negotiate the best outcome for your situation. We will also speak to you with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

  • Foreclosure Avoidance:  Mortgage Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure

Longa Law has experience negotiating loan modifications, short sales, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure with lenders. Remember that banks want to avoid foreclosure as much as you do because it is an expensive and lengthy process. Having a dedicated professional on your side to negotiate your modification may mean the difference between staying in your home or losing it.  A modification fixes the terms of the existing mortgage, brings the account up to date, and provides a fresh start for many homeowners.  Meanwhile, new government measures make mortgage modification and other foreclosure avoidance programs, such as a short sale or deed in lieu, available to many homeowners. 

  • Landlord-Tenant Law

Attorney Longa has experience drafting leases, resolving lien disputes, recovering past due rent, and handling evictions for landlords. 

  • Contract Review, Drafting, and Dispute Resolution

Whether it’s a purchase contract, promissory note, lease, or service agreement, Longa Law can review or draft the contract for you.  We can advise you as to your rights and obligations under an agreement, and we even offer a contract review and legal advice Q&A Session at a flat fee.  We know which clauses are important and must be included to protect your interests.  After disputes arise, Longa Law can also help you negotiate a resolution or file a lawsuit against the breaching party. 

Estate Planning and Probate

Services in this area include the drafting of a last will and testament, trust, health care directive, power of attorney, and agreements for married or unmarried couples.  Estate planning documents are customized for you by an attorney who will handle your matter personally and be available to answer your questions.  Longa Law can also assist you with the probate or administration of the estate.  For more information about this practice area, please visit Florida Willmaker.

Civil Litigation

Longa Law assists clients with contract disputes and other general civil litigation matters.  Managing Attorney Lesly Longa has experience representing clients with foreclosure defense, lien disputes, breach of contract disputes against national companies, property damage disputes, international airline flight injuries, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and premises liability lawsuits.  Lesly Longa currently defends homeowners in residential foreclosure actions throughout central Florida and has negotiated settlements in hundreds of cases.

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